• I really want to thank you both for getting me started. I always knew I needed some way to express myself creatively and had never quite worked out how to do it. It was only when I met you guys and started hART stART that painting finally made sense and after doing my first evening session 14 years ago, I’ve never really stopped. So without wishing to sound overly cheesy, thanks for what turned out to be a life-changing experience and for giving me the tools and the confidence and the mindset that allowed me to love the process of painting

    ...Ian Thomas

  • I was very challenged, taken on a journey which, upon reflection, gave future art experiences tremendous depth. This includes gallery visits and "doing art". I believe my hART stART experiences are deeply integrated and the tuition I was given has made me appreciate art in a very rich and critical way. Rowena and Gary are wonderful teachers, where giving up was not an option. (I tried). Anyone who joins their school will gain in a way which they could not imagine

    … Basia Zielinska

  • Tuesday nights are very special in my life. To come along to hART stART each week is to totally enjoy the company of not only yourselves but the delightful people that attend your classes. …. with Gary and Rowena’s professional guidance each week I see improvements from all students that attend your classes.

    … Erik Royds

  • I had never painted or attended an art class before. I found the experience extremely relaxing and enjoyable, it was the perfect way to spend my one night off a week … doing something for myself. What I really loved was the fact that before we even started our lesson we would gather round for half an hour and relax with a cuppa and great food. Yes, one of the teachers prepares a light supper each week which is absolutely delicious and is a wonderful way to leave the busy day behind and relax before class begins. I kept going and this year, only 2 ½ years after I began, I sold 3 paintings at the hART stART yearly exhibition, an exhilarating experience that still takes me by surprise today. hART stART has given me a great space to relax, learning to paint, educating me on art, having great art teachers, and making wonderful friendships. I would gladly recommend this art school to anyone looking for a non-stressful, fun way to learn how to paint.

    ... Lisa Keefe

  • These classes aren't just about technique. Through subtle techniques hART stART taught me to control my inner critic while releasing a creative side I didn't know I had! It has been very liberating

    ...Julie Finch

  • After putting down the brushes for 2 decades I developed a hankering to paint again. I knew if I went out and bought myself a kit I wouldn't know where to start. A friend recommended hART stART. I went along. I loved the way Row and Gary taught, gently coaxing your style out to take form on paper or canvas, imparting techniques (which I still use today), and insisting 'there is no right or wrong'. After 3 years I found I needed a studio and have had one for the last 7 years. I paint regularly both commission work for interior design and my own stuff whenever I can. I doubt I'd be doing any of this if I hadn't attended Hart Start. Thank you Gary and Row.

    ..... Kate Westlake