• Find your style

    Through a carefully crafted, sequenced course, be guided to develop the individuality of your personal art style

  • Weekly Progression

    Week by week, develop an ever deepening understanding of expressive painting. Use different materials, colour, surface and composition.

  • Find artistic freedom

    Find, through the expression of your unique perceptions, a wonderful balance of freedom with control. There is a growing feeling of emergence as invisible aspects of your self, emerge as artwork


    Go from an absolute beginner, to a well-rounded confident artist. Continue below for a good understanding of how each 15 week module progresses

  • Foundation:
    Collage to Abstraction

    Through COLLAGE, you will experience the ease of understanding fundamental principles about painting. You will develop intuitive understanding of COLOUR, DESIGN and PAINTING TECHNIQUE. Your unique vision is recognised!

  • Stage One:
    Abstract Painting

    Abstract painting will allow you to explore art as intuition, experienced through large acrylic works on canvas. Your personal style is realised!

  • Stage Two:
    Interpreting a visual world

    The visual world is explored at a subjective level. You will re-interpret LANDSCAPE; STILL LIFE; HUMAN FIGURE; PORTRAITURE You will explore your unique perceptions of the visual world!

  • Stage Three:
    Mixed Media Abstraction

    You will explore a broad range of techniques to prepare you for the diversity of the world of painting. These include PHOTOMONTAGE; COLLAGE; PAINT WASH and FLOODING; TEXTURAL and GLAZING.
    You will develop individual technique!

  • Studio Level:
    Personal Themes

    You will embark on your own area of research and work towards YOUR OWN PAINTING SERIES.
    You will discover your independence and freedom!

  • Art from the heart

    Learn how to make artistic decisions based on sensation reactions.

  • See like an artist

    Enjoy the freedom of artistic expression and learn to think like an artist does and find beauty in all things.

  • A journey of mindfullness

    Begin your artistic journey of self-exploration and mindfulness to find your unique approach to creating art.